Empowering Rural Villages in South Sudan

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Empowering the people of Southern Sudan

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160 West Red Rock Rd        Colchester, Vermont    05446        

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Sudan Development Foundation

160 West Red Rock Road - Colchester, Vermont - 05446       802-238-4448 


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Abraham Awolich, SUDEF’s founder and Executive Director returned to South Sudan in 2006 to find his family.  Here is his story...


SUDEF partners with local villages in rural South Sudan to develop projects that sustainably improve the quality of life through health, education and economic development.

Thank you Cynthia Davis of the Canvas Peace Project for the amazing event you held October 18, 2014 for SUDEF.  To see paintings from this amazing organization go to:

Sudan Development Foundation, SUDEF is a non-profit working in South Sudan in partnership with rural villages to improve their quality of life.  Our community based approach recognizes the resilience, the shared responsibility and the on-going commitment necessary to establish self-reliant, healthy communities that build lasting peace.

Creating solutions to the challenges of rural development requires working together with communities, local government and other NGO’s to create a long term commitment beyond the life of the initial project.

The people of South Sudan are moving    forward and building a new nation.  They have shown incredible resilience, commitment and fortitude.           Please join us in helping them building healthy, independent and productive communities and a promising           future.