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Article by Abraham Awolich published in The Mantle spring 2010

SUDEF News and Updates

Article in Sudan Tribune on Vocational Training needs in Southern Sudan:

Article in Sudan Tribune on Maternal Mortality rates in Southern Sudan:

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PBS News Story on Healthcare in Southern Sudan

Article in New York Times  January 2, 2011 on referendum vote in South Sudan:

Article in Sudan Times  Thursday, January 20, 2011 - Lake States preliminary vote indicates 99% secession vote,37692

Article in Burlington Freepress, January 7, 2011  on referendum vote by local Sudanese in Vermont

Article in Burlington Freepress, January 23, 2011  on Looking Back on 10-year journey of Sudanese living in Vermont

News from Abraham Awolich, February 1, 2011 from Juba, South Sudan

SUDEF Special Update from Abraham Awolich - Juba, Sudan 2-1-11.pdf


Empowering Rural Villages in South Sudan


SUDEF partners with local villages in rural South Sudan to develop projects that sustainably improve the quality of life through health, education and economic development.

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For more pictures of Kalthok and Minkamman South Sudan:


Article in Burlington Freepress, September 26th, 2012 on SUDEF film Grace Under Pressure

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Abraham Awolich visits the Burlington Free Press on Friday to talk about the situation in South Sudan ahead of his scheduled speech Sunday at the University of Vermont. / JESSIE FORAND/Free Press       Written byJESSIE FORAND Free Press Staff Writer


Thanks to the Vermont Common’s School and Mark Cline-Lucy’s class of 2012 for their “go viral video campaign” to raise awareness about the story of many Sudanese and the work of SUDEF.

October 2014

News from the SUDD Institute on the Crisis in South Sudan during 2014 and ways the international community can help