Empowering Rural Villages in South Sudan


SUDEF partners with local villages in rural South Sudan to develop projects that sustainably improve the quality of life through health, education and economic development.

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What we do

Our goal is to support communities that look inward for solutions to the serious problems facing them and help them remove obstacles that force people into poverty and dependence.

Decades of war and displacement have left the majority of South Sudan without training or skilled workers, most adults are illiterate, have little to no access to capital and lack any access whatsoever to basic healthcare. 

Our Health and Community Resource and Training Projects address five key areas necessary to creating sustainable, healthy and self-reliant communities.

These resources combined with direct community involvement foster a culture of self-reliance, support innovation, promote creativity, stimulate entrepreneurial ideas and improve the health of the local population which are the foundation for creating a society that is stable and prosperous.


Sudan Development Foundation (SUDEF) envisions South Sudan having the resources, knowledge, social support, gender equality and health to be self-reliant, productive and supportive members of their communities.

SUDEF’s holistic approach to community development and enrichment addresses a multitude of issues.

Our Health Clinic and Maternal and Child Health and Training programs support the health and well-being of rural communities.

Our community organizing provide a forum for community members to gather to identify problems in the village and generate local solutions to these problems.

Our community based programs and services enable individuals to achieve their personal objectives and address the underlying issues that cause poverty, conflict and instability.

“The opportunities I received in the United States gave me the capacity to transform myself and through SUDEF and the continued support of the American community - we can bring these opportunities to the people of South Sudan.”

   Abraham Awolich                    Founder SUDEF

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Meet Ajok.  She is one of the many women in Kalthok and the surrounding villages whose life and child was saved by the Kalthok Clinic’s health services.

Sudan Development Foundation

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