Empowering Rural Villages in South Sudan


SUDEF partners with local villages in rural South Sudan to develop projects that sustainably improve the quality of life through health, education and economic development.

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Sudan Development Foundation

160 West Red Rock Road, Colchester, Vermont   05446    802-238-4448


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What you can do

Sudan Development Foundation (SUDEF) is a community supported volunteer non-profit dedicated to empowering the people of South Sudan and helping them realize their potential, bring positive change to their lives and communities and transform their new nation.

We rely on the support of individuals, family foundations and the collective strength and support of members of the community to realize these goals and achieve our mission

We welcome your involvement and financial support.  Organize an event for us.  Learn about the Sudanese culture, the history and the resilience and fortitude of the South Sudanese.  Hold a house party and invite friends over for a wonderful evening of photos, stories or our short documentary film Grace Under Pressure - The Story of Kalthok.

You can work with us to create partnerships between health organizations and our clinics and training programs, provide data base support for our US office, public relations, write an article on our organizations work or request a radio or print interview with representatives of our organization.  Hear the personal stories of some of the Sudanese who founded and work for SUDEF.  These men fled their homes and families as young children, made their way across South Sudan by foot over many months of time to Ethiopia, fled back to Sudan and then ultimately to Kenya and lived in refugee camps before coming to the United States as refugees in 2001.

Come join us, make your life better by being a part of making someone else’s life better. 

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