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Empowering Rural Villages in South Sudan


SUDEF partners with local villages in rural South Sudan to develop projects that sustainably improve the quality of life through health, education and economic development.

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Sudan Development Foundation

160 West Red Rock Road - Colchester, Vermont  05446    802-238-4448


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SUDEF’s current projects are located in Kalthok, a village in Awerial County, Lakes State of South Sudan.    The village sits several miles west of the White Nile River and is located about a 3 - 4 hour drive northwest from Juba, the capital of South Sudan.

The village of Kalthok is now more accessible due to improvements made to the main road that runs between Juba and Wau, Yirol and Rumbek to the north - bringing more potential for commerce along this heavily traveled route.

SUDEF currently has two projects in Kalthok - the medical clinic and our new Maternal and Child Health and Training Unit. 

This region is rich agriculturally, with tributaries of the Nile making future irrigation possible, thereby giving it great potential for year round crops.

Drawings by the children of Kalthok, South Sudan

For more pictures of Kalthok and Minkamman South Sudan:


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