Empowering Rural Villages in South Sudan


SUDEF partners with local villages in rural South Sudan to develop projects that sustainably improve the quality of life through health, education and economic development.

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Sudan Development Foundation

160 West Red Rock Road, Colchester, Vermont   05446 -    802.238.4448


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Abraham Awolich - Founder and President

Abraham received his Masters degree in Public Administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.  He specialized in international administration, human resource management and public finance in developing countries.  He was a winner of the World Bank Development Marketplace grant in 2007 and received a $200,000 grant to build a high school in South Sudan.  He was awarded the prestigious national Samuel Huntington Public Service Award.  He is former Director of NESEI - an organization focused on secondary education in South Sudan. 

Abraham is on the Board of Directors of the Association of Africans Living in Vermont (AALV), which has served african refugees and immigrants in Vermont for the past ten years.  His experience in international development, NGO management and his entrepreneurial spirit provide the engine to propel SUDEF to meet the critical challenges of South Sudan.  His unmatched commitment to the development of his country and community lies at the heart of his unwavering drive for change.  Abraham is one of the “Lost Boys” and founded SUDEF to fulfill his commitment to rebuilding South Sudan’s war ravaged communities.

Clinic Staff

Peter Awol Madier - Director of Kalthok Clinic

Peter studied basic community health at Juba Teaching Hospital and has a certificate as a Community Health Worker.

He has experience as a nurse and in pharmacology and basic surgery and wound dressing.  Peter previously worked in Khartoum and Wau hopsitals as a medical assistant and has run the Kalthok Medical Clinic since it first opened in 2007.

Peter is a native of Kalthok but left as a refugee and traveled to Ethiopia and Kenya before returning home and going for medical training in 1999.

Peter’s experience, compassion and professionalism is a great asset to SUDEF and the work of the Kalthok Clinic.

Jamal Ibrahim - Kalthok Clinic Head Nurse

Jamal receives many praises in the villages surrounding the clinic for being a life saver for the community.  He has undergone nursing training for 4 years and like Peter Awol does a bit of everything. 

He does the majority of minor surgeries and attends to maternity issues.

He has extensive experience in treating trauma injuries due to his serving in the army as a medical officer. 

Jamal is originally from Darfur and was posted in Kalthok as a medical officer during his time with the army and chose to stay behind in South Sudan when his unti was re-deployed to Khartoum.

Peter Keny - Community Outreach for SUDEF

Peter Keny is completing his degree in business administration at the University of Vermont. 

Peter’s technology experience helps SUDEF in managing our business applications. 

Peter has been instrumental in creating links to area businesses and foundations and helping roeach out to the local community regarding issues facing South Sudan today and his history as one of the “Lost Boys”. 

Peter is committed to the vision and mission of SUDEF. 

Peter first arrived in the United States in 2001 and settled in Vermont.

Michael Jok Maper - Kalthok Clinic Medical Technician

Michael Jok provides assistance when needed on surgeries and other trauma and specializes in wound dressing and injections and IV’s. 

Michael is a native of Kalthok and voluntarily joined the medical team during an outbreak of cholera in 2006.

He is also responsible for administering the polio and measles vaccination campaigns through the UN or the local government.

Michael was born and raised in Kalthok, South Sudan.

Elizabeth Nyangeth Aram - Kalthok Clinic Staff

Elizabeth is the cleaner and organizer of the patients at the clinic. 

She prepares the medical site each day for patients and the medical team and triages and organizes the flow of patients being seeing by the staff.

She has been with the medical team since 2007 and is a native of Kalthok, South Sudan.

Julie Elmore - Communications and Administrator

Julie first met Abraham Awolich in 2004 while working at Colchester High School.  Julie is a certified EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) and has a strong interest in both health and education.

Julie served two terms as Vice[-President on the Board of Directors for Essex Rescue (a local ambulance service) and as a volunteer with Essex Rescue for seven years.

Julie is currently Vice President of the Board of Directors of VPIRG (Vermont Public Interest Research Group) and is a member of the Westford Energy Committee.

Julie also previously served as Chair of the Westford School Boardand on the Board of Directors for NESEI where she worked with Abraham on creating secondary education opportunities for South Sudan.

Julie is responsible for all communications materials, created the web-site and organizes volunteers and outreach for the organization.

In 2012 Julie traveled to Kalthok to work on the film Grace Under Pressure - The Story of Kalthok with her son Calvin Elmore and film maker Duane Peterson III.

Julie serves as Secretary on the SUDEF Board of Directors and volunteers doing operations and communications for SUDEF.

Board of Directors Staff

Board Chair - Achier Mou

Achier has a Masters in Global Health from Tufts University.  He attended the University of Vermont as an undergraduate immediately after arriving in the US as a refugee in 2001.

He received his BS in Community Development and Applied Economics in 2006. 

Achier was born in South Sudan and his extensive knowledge and interest in the field of community health, disease prevention and global health are a huge asset to SUDEF.

Board Treasurer - George Cross

George Cross is a native Vermonter who left after college and worked for 25 years as a teacher before returning to Vermont to become Superintendent of Schools in Winooski, Vermont. 

During his tenure as Superintendent George and his family had the opportunity to work closely with the refugees from Vietnam, Bosnia and South Sudan settle into their community.

George was elected and served eight years as a representative in the Vermont Legislature.  Over the past ten years George and his family continued to grow and enjoy the friendship they built with many of the young Sudanese men and women in the community..

Board Member - Dr. Jean-Marie Mujakazi

Dr Jean-Marie worked extensively in the health field and for non-profit organizations internationally.

He served as the Director for a non-profit in Germany, a medical doctor for a catholic mission and is currently the Outreach Director for the Association of Africans Living in Vermont.

Dr. Jean-Marie is passionate about creating opportunities for people to reach their potential and be active contributing members of their community.  He is committed to SUDEF’s mission and has the experience and enthusiasm to help serve our organization.

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